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Oh everyday, I have to give and receive feedback after tasks are completed and I'm more attentive to what the other party is saying these days. With active listening, my response is less generic and much more relevant to the challenges or opportunities arising from that specific conversation.

Uzochukwu Alor

COO, Venco Platforms Limited

Drawing from Sola's Manage Talent and Performance class, l initiated the Thank You section in meetings, expressing gratitude towards individual team members for their outstanding efforts and specific accomplishments aligned with our strategic objectives. The Thank You section was inclusive and encouraged team members to express appreciation for their colleagues' support and collaboration.

Adunke Joy Adekankun

Customer Success Manager, Risevest Technologies Limited

I had a person I managed who I was having some friction with, I had a conversation with them and created a relaxed way for us to figure out why we were and we were able to agree on a pathway.

Otas Evbuomwan

Head, US Ops & Investor Relations, Risevest Technologies Limited

I reviewed one of the sub-product strategies I created and based on Adia's lesson, I have made modifications by including all the key elements that make a good strategy document. Feedback gotten is that the document is a lot more detailed and touches on relevant points stakeholders will want to know about.

Ifunanya Uzoaru

Product Manager, Grey Inc

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